with Oil4000 yen / 30min
11000yen /60min
16000yen /90min

Relaxation massage with oil.
It’s 1part in 30min.
The whole body in more than 60min.
Thai massage7500 yen / 60min
10500 yen / 90min

Thai traditional massage.
Shiatu(finger press massage) and stretching.
Ear & face4000 yen /30min
(Ear cleaning and face massage)
Head4000yen /30min
(Dry head spa)
Usagi course21000 yen / 90min
26000 yen / 120min

shower time & Shiatsu & Relaxation massage with oil
Sorry , we can’t speak English.


Nomination fee1000 yen〜
(from the second time)
Instax photo1000 yen
(photography with maid)
Original goods1000 yen
Sorry , we can’t speak English.


✔️We have only one survice room.
✔️It is forbidden to touch the maid.
✔️Taking photos and videos is prohibited.